I think every child wants to know why her parents chose her name.  (I was named after a soap opera character.)  Most children also love personalized items.  I still remember how excited I was when I was about five and received a book that was personalized specifically to me–the character in the book visited me at my address.  For kids today, CrossTimber – Name Meaning Gifts capitalizes on this in their fun product, Your Amazing Name – Personalized Adventures for EVERY Name.

About CrossTimber Name Meaning Gifts

CrossTimber Name Meaning Gifts seeks to help your child learn more about the origin of her name and how you picked it as her parents.  This product has a Christian orientation as Bible verses are given throughout, and there’s a sheep who talks about being lost and found by the Shepherd.

Steps to Place Your Order

When you first place an order for Your Amazing Name, you need to send CrossTimber several items including at least one of your child’s hand drawn pictures and a message you want to share with your child about how you chose his/her name.  You can send in more than that to make it even more personalized, but that is all that we sent in.

FYI, once you submit all of your documents, CrossTimber takes 5 to 10 business days to send Your Amazing Name, so plan accordingly, especially during the busy holiday season.

What’s Included?

You’ll receive a 28 minute video all about your child’s name.  Throughout the video, your child’s name is shown multiple times in their bedroom, and the artwork you upload is an intrical part of the video. Your Amazing Name

Your child will meet a pencil, Ben, that takes the child on a journey to space to learn more about her name.

CrossTimber Name Meaning Gifts

Then, the pencil comes back down from outer space, and Ben takes your child to meet an Owl, who makes many puns.  (I found them quite humorous!)

CrossTimber Name Meaning

In the end, the owl tells your child first where her name originates and then the meaning of her name.

Your Amazing Name

Extras to Order

If you prefer, you can order extras beyond just receiving the electronic file of Your Amazing Name.  You can also order a

Name Plaque ($18 to $30)

Personalized Character Photo ($9 to $28)

Origin Scroll ($6.50)

Our Thoughts on Your Amazing Name

I think this is a wonderful product!  Most kids will be delighted with it.  I’d recommend this for ages 3 to 7, for sure.  My daughter is 9.5 years old, so she was a bit too old for the product.  I really wish I had known about this a few years ago.

My daughter loved the way that her artwork was integrated throughout the video.  She also liked how her name was mentioned frequently, and she loved the owl’s puns.

My only minor suggestion for change is that I thought the length of the video could be reduced to maybe 20 minutes, but that’s just a suggestion.  The product was also fine as is.

This would be a great gift to a child from parents or grandparents, and since you’re given the electronic version of this, you get to keep it for the duration.

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Amazing Names by CrossTimber
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