My kids all love art and are happy to create art at least once a week.  We’ve used many different art programs through the year, and this year, one of the ones we tried was the Creating a Masterpiece Drawing Program.  My girls really enjoyed this program, and I loved both their enthusiasm and that the supplies weren’t too expensive.

About Creating a Masterpiece

Creating a Masterpiece is an online, fine arts program for students of all ages.  Sharon Hofer is the art instructor; she has a nice, soothing voice and gentle manner to her teaching.  She is quite familiar with the homeschool community as she also homeschooled her daughters.

We reviewed Creating a Masterpiece a few years ago, but the program has grown since then.  There are several different choices for the program now:

Core Program (This is the one we reviewed previously and uses several different mediums),

Drawing Program (This is covered in this review.),

Art History Program (This program includes two parts.  First, students learn to create art in the manner of famous artists of the past.  The second part is historically based art lessons, which are nice supplements to your students’ other studies.)

Books (Hofer is designing art books that can be used by homeschoolers or public or charter school students.)

Unlimited Access Program (This includes access to ALL of Hofer’s lessons in the entire Creating a Masterpiece site.)

About the Drawing Program

Drawing Program

The Drawing Program has four levels:

Beginning Drawing (There are 8 projects in this level, and children as young as 4 or 5 can use this level.)

Level One (There are 7 projects in this level.)

Level Two (There are 6 projects in this level.)

Level Three (There are 8 projects in this level.)

Each project has 3 to 7 lessons and is meant to take between one and two hours to complete.  Projects use colored pencils, charcoal, and pencil.

Drawing Program Lessons

Each project has a synopsis, so you understand the basics of the drawing before starting.

Creating a Masterpiece

There’s also a handy tab you can click to see all of the supplies you’ll need for the project:

Creating a Masterpiece Supply List

We were introduced to velum paper with this curriculum, and it’s become our favorite paper to use for art!  It’s easily erasable, and it’s also transparent, making it perfect for tracing.

Hofer says the levels aren’t really based on age level but on skill level.

How We Used the Drawing Program

Every Friday (our art day), the girls sat down to do an art project.  We usually devote 1 to 1.5 hours to art projects on Fridays, but several of the lessons took longer, and the girls would carry them on into the weekend.

Over the weeks, the girls made different projects that were in the first three levels, Beginning, Level 1 and Level 2.

These are some of their favorites:

Lessons in Colored Pencil: Moonstruck in the Beginning Drawing

Creating a Masterpiece Drawing Program

Lessons in Colored Pencil: First Thanksgiving in Level 1

Creating a Masterpiece Drawing Program

Lessons in Colored Pencil: The General’s Horse in Level 2

Creating a Masterpiece Drawing Program

Our Thoughts on the Program

As a parent, I found this a very easy program to use.  My daughters are 11 and 9.5, and I just set up the computer, made sure they had the right supplies, and they happily went to work creating their art.  I also loved that the girls would initially think that a project looked to challenging, but thanks to Hofer’s instruction, they could create it.

I also enjoyed that for each project, Hofer had a direct link to Dick Blick to buy the required supplies.  I ended up buying the supplies for all the levels of the drawing program because I knew this would be one of our art curricula for the year.  Unfortunately, not all of the supplies were available from Dick Blick, but I could find them easily on Amazon.  In total, buying all the resources for two children for all the drawing lessons cost me about $65, which I found reasonable.

Creating a Masterpiece Supplies

The girls both said they liked the program, and we plan to keep using it throughout our school year.  PB & J Girl did mention that she prefers to have a variety of art projects in different styles and mediums rather than just one like drawing, but that is her personal preference and has nothing to do with this program.

If you’d like to improve your own art techniques, or you’d like to find an online art curriculum for your children, I highly recommend Creating a Masterpiece.

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