Ah, I am tired but so happy I got so many meals stocked in my freezer. It is a good start to my 30 meals I am aiming for.

Here is what I cooked today:

Wrapped in foil are 2 pans of lasagna (each cut in half to make 4 meals total for us) and 2 meatloafs. In the front bag is Anita’s Chili, in the two little bags are the taco mix and the sloppy joe mix, and in the two little bags behind them is vegetable soup that I made yesterday. I froze half of it. This is a total of 11 meals for when I return to work.

I also took some pictures of the lasagna and meatloaf. (Notice how the lasagna is missing a strip in the middle. My husband insisted on “trying” every dish because he says they always tastes better fresh. But he is good about eating the freezer meals too.)

To see the links for the recipes I used, go here.

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