Continent Race Game

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.  I enjoy adding games to our homeschooling when possible, just to break up the day and have a fun, new way to learn.  As I mentioned, we just recently started studying world geography, so I was thrilled to be able to review Continent Race game, developed in 2018 by six-year old Byron during a lengthy hospital stay. Byron’s Games was created, and since then, they’ve been able to put Continent Race in 130 children’s hospitals!

Continent Race Game

About Byron’s Games

For every sale of Continent Race, Byron’s Games donates a percentage of the profits to select children’s charities.

The Byron’s Games website also has fun blog posts that share information about

  • flag facts,
  • hero highlights,
  • where in the world,
  • world geography

The blog is a perfect way to enhance your children’s learning.

About Continent Race Game

Content Race game is appropriate for kids ages 7+ and for 2 or more players.  Kids who play the game will be learning countries, the continents the countries are in, and country flags, all while having fun!  The game currently sells for $34.48 on Amazon.

Continent Race Game

What’s Included

The game includes:

  • 1 world map,
  • 5 continent lists with maps,
  • 205 country cards,
  • 3 Antarctica wild cards

How to Play

There are ways to make this game easier and more difficult.

The Easier Way to Play

Each player is given 7 cards.  These cards list a country, and Byron’s Games has made it easier by making each country card the same corresponding color that the continent is.  So, for example, the Poland card is blue because the continent of Europe is blue.

If a player has four cards for one of the continents (or only two cards for Australia/Oceania), the player sets those cards down and picks four more cards, to bring the cards in her hand back to seven.

Continent Race Game

To win the game, the player must have four cards for each of three continents.  Byron Games says that game play typically takes 30 minutes, but we found the game went a bit more quickly.

The More Challenging Way to Play

The game also includes mystery cards.  (These are omitted for the easier version of the game.)  The mystery cards are all orange; they’re not the color of the matching continent.)  The player has to identify what continent the country belongs in.  If they can’t, they can shout “mystery card” and ask for help.

To make it even more challenging, some cards have a challenge mark.  The player who gets that can challenge another player to list as many countries as he can in one continent.

Our Experience with Continent Race

My daughters and I first played this game.  Then my son (who competed in the local geography bee three times when he was younger) and I played the game.  My daughters, who haven’t done much geography, which is why we’re currently studying world geography, found the game challenging and couldn’t believe it was recommended for kids as young as seven.

However, my son, who is 15 and loves geography, found the easier way to play too easy.  We moved up to the more difficult way to play, and he really enjoyed it.  (He beat me!)

Final Thoughts

Overall, this is a fun game for both educational purposes (and yes, we’re going to continue to use this game in our homeschool as part of our geography studies) and for entertainment.  I also love that some proceeds from the purchase of the game go to help others.


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