One of the book series we’ve fallen in love with are Circle C Books.  Created by Susan K. Marlow, these books are an excellent resource to learn about the history of California as well as to delight in the main character, a tomboy, Andi, living in the late 1800s on a California ranch.  All of my kids have enjoyed these books, which is why Circle C Books are our Blogging through the Alphabet topic of the week!


About Susan K. Marlow

Susan K. Marlow wanted to develop a series of stories where a girl was the strong, fearless one, and she’s done that with the Circle C series books.  (We’ll also talk about the series she wrote for boys–Gold Town.)  A 20 year homeschool veteran, Susan K. Marlow is a gracious woman we had the pleasure to meet at a homeschool conference.  She truly wants to bring joy to children’s educations through her books and activity packs.

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About the Circle C Series

Marlow has several different series in her Andi books:

Circle C Beginnings

The six books in this series are appropriate for kids ages 6 to 9, and follow Andi when she is six years old.

Circle C Stepping Stones

These six books follow Andi when she is nine years old and are great for readers ages 7 to 10.  We reviewed the first two books in this series, Andi Saddles Up and Under the Big Top.  The girls enjoyed both!  We also reviewed the third and fourth books in the Circle C Stepping Stone series, Andi Lassos Trouble and Andi to the Rescue.

Circle C Adventures

This series is best for readers ages 9 to 13.  As Andi grows older, the adventure (and danger) in her life increases.  In this six book series, she confronts smugglers and helps save her brother, Mitch, when they’re on an outback camping trip, just to name a few.

Circle C Milestones

Thick as Thieves Book Review
This is the series that started it all for us as the first book in the series, Thick as Thieves, was the first introduction we had to Andi and Marlow’s books.  These books are for ages 12 and up, and the topics are more mature and include handling escaped prisoners that threaten the family ranch and outlaws who want to steal Andi’s family’s horses.

About Gold Town Beginnings

If your boys don’t want to read about a girl on the Western frontier, don’t worry, Marlow has a series of books for them, too!

Gold Town Beginnings

Jem is the seven year old protagonist, and his father spends his days panning for gold in California.  Meanwhile, Jem finds adventure awaits him.  This series, like the Circle C Beginnings series, is best for ages 6 to 9.

Gold Town Adventures

For readers 9 to 13, Gold Town Adventures follows a 12 year old Jem whose life is more eventful than ever, especially when his father becomes the sheriff of a lawless town.

Supplemental Items

If you want to do more than just read the books, Marlow makes that easy with her supplemental materials.

Study Guides

These spiral-bound study guides are over 125 pages and include a variety of activities that teach more about the themes, places, and events mentioned in the story as well as hands-on activities.

Lap Books

For more hands-on learners, Marlow has created lap books to go with each series.  We used the lap books for the Circle C Beginnings book when the girls will little and really enjoyed digging deeper into the topics of each book.  These are great to use at home or as part of a co-op.  They are available in print version or downloadable file.

Curriculum Bundle

If you’d like to create a year-long study with these books, Marlow has created a curriculum bundle that will include the study guide and the lap books as well as the books.  You can go to her website to see free samples.

Writing Contest

Every year Marlow holds a writing contest where contestants write their own Andi story.  Bookworm did this one year and won 3rd place!  It was a fabulous experience for him.

I love Marlow’s Circle C series books and would love for more people to use her books and curriculum.  We’ve certainly enjoyed them!

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