I joined Weight Watchers online back in February.  Since then, my weight has fluctuated by 3 pounds.  That’s it.  Lose up to three pounds, and then gain some back.

But I don’t consider those five months of yo-yo dieting 3 pounds to be wasted time.  During that time, some important things were happening:

  • I finally gave up sugar again
  • I “studied” WW by watching all sorts of videos on YouTube by vloggers who were following WW themselves

Two weeks ago, I tried a fresh start, determined to really succeed at WW this time.  While I did eat healthier, I also tried to have “healthier” treats like the date walnut balls I made that were 2 points per ball.  I couldn’t really control myself, and over the week, I ate the entire batch (22 balls).  Not surprisingly, I gained 1.5 pounds that week.

Last week, I started over, with an important realization.  If I want to succeed, I have to modify my eating.  Here’s what I decided:

I would not feel deprived.  If I wanted to eat something like a piece of Polish sausage or Daiya macaroni & cheese, I could, but I’d have to fill out the rest of the meal with zero point foods.

I wouldn’t waste my points on high point “treats” that didn’t do much to curb my hunger.  Bye bye date walnut balls.

I mean, look at this.  This is a picture of a 6 point breakfast:

Here’s a picture of 6 points of date balls:

Obviously, more of my diet had to be filled with the top picture, not the bottom.

So, with these new rules in mind, I started over again last Monday, and I had a smashing week!  I finished the week with more than 30 weekly points remaining, and I lost 3 pounds in one week!  Now I’m down 5.5 pounds from February.

Best of all, I didn’t feel deprived.  If I was hungry, I ate.  I also had foods that many would consider non-diet foods such as potato chips three times during the week and a serving of Polish sausage.  The difference was that I planned for these foods, and I measured and counted them.

I’m so excited that I *finally* seem to have the hang of WW.  I can’t wait to see what next week brings.

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