How am I doing on my weight loss?

The sad answer, my friends, is that since February, my weight has stabilized (yay! for that), but I haven’t lost anything.  Of course, I’m delighted that I am no longer packing on 4 to 6 pounds every month as I did from June 2017 to February 2019, but I’m no closer to losing weight, either.

Thought Giving Up Sugar Would Make a Difference

I thought giving up sugar would make a difference.  (It’s been 25 days since I’ve had sugar, save for a small bit of honey.)  I thought once I took all of the sweets out of my diet the weight would just fall off.  But my weight hasn’t changed a bit.  I’m still holding steady at the same place.

Considering how much I was binging on sugar, how does that even happen?  At least I know my diet is healthier now, even if I haven’t lost weight.

I’ve Learned Things About Myself

I keep trying Weight Watchers off and on, but I think the word “trying” is too generous here.  What happens is that I follow Weight Watchers’ plan for four or five days, I run out of extra points, and I quit.  Then I start again in a week or two.

I thought I was failing because I was eating too much sugar, but I’ve also realized that a big part of my problem is eating snacks that are high in points.  My three meals a day take maybe 10 points, but then I snack and use 15 to 20 points a day or more.  Not a smart plan.

I’m Learning from Others

Over the last few weeks, when I have time or need to relax, I’ve been watching various people on YouTube who live a Weight Watchers’ lifestyle and have successfully lost weight.  My two favorites are Barrett Pastor: Living Life on Track and Amanda Cypert: Living the Program.  Both women have lost approximately 30 pounds each on Weight Watchers and have maintained that weight loss.  Now Pastor’s husband has joined the program because he’s having some health issues.

I’m learning tips and suggestions that I think will help me lose weight.  From Pastor’s videos, I realized that it’s probably better to eat four to five small meals a day instead of three meals and high point snacks.  From Cypert, I learned how important it is to do some weekend meal prep (hence why I’ve started it myself) and to track all of your food for the day the night before or the morning of your day.

I’m Ready to Start Again

Because I’ve given up sugar, and I’ve learned a lot from Pastor and Cypert, I’m ready to start Weight Watchers again.  I’m announcing it here just like I did when I announced that I was giving up sugar because I want/need the public accountability.  I’ll be reporting back every week or two to let you know how things are going.

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