170588f065174088a60f29bd3d86d1b7I started this blog in March, 2009.  At the time, I was on a leave of absence, staying home to care for my second child, PB & J Girl.

  • I was a dairy, gluten loving woman.
  • I was seriously overweight.
  • Bookworm was almost in kindergarten.
  • I loved reading Money Saving Mom and other blogs.  I also loved to write.  So, as a creative outlet, I started this blog.

A lot has changed in the 6 years since I started the blog:

  • I had another child, Cuddle Bug, and she recently just turned 5.
  • I found out that the kids and I all had dairy and gluten intolerances, so I changed my diet radically.
  • With that diet change, I dropped 80 pounds (and have kept 60 pounds off for the last 3 years).  I’m still working on losing the rest.  🙂
  • I quit my full-time job and started working from home.
  • My husband and I went deeply in debt and are in the long process of digging out.
  • I started homeschooling my kids, which was something that was NEVER a consideration before push came to shove.  But now I love it and can’t imagine sending them to school.
  • We moved from Illinois to Arizona.

But, perhaps most importantly for this post, my husband went from being a graduate student to a post-doc to his current position, researcher.  He is just a few years away from getting his first faculty position (we hope).

My husband has been very supportive of this blog throughout its duration, but now, he has asked me to consider pulling back with the financial details of our life that I share.  Our last name is not a common one, and he wants to maintain a semblance of privacy, which I completely agree with.

What This Means for the Blog

So, just like our lives have changed pretty dramatically in 6 years, so this blog will.  First, these posts will no longer be produced weekly/monthly:

  •  our financial/debt repayment progress.
  • our grocery shopping expenses.

These are the posts I intend to continue to write (some of which are old favorites that I had let drop by the wayside):

  • Freezer cooking plans
  • Recipes
  • Homeschool/weekly wrap ups
  • Other homeschool posts
  • Book reviews
  • Curriculum reviews
  • Menu planning
  • Giveaways (occasionally)

I hope you understand the reason for this change and stick with me, even if you originally were drawn to the blog for the financial posts.

If the topics I do plan to write about don’t interest you, I thank you for your support all of these years.

Now it’s my turn to ask you:

What posts most interest you?

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