My kids are naturally drawn to art.  They love to be creative.  Whether that is making a simple sketch with markers or doing something more elaborate, they are being creative every day.  However, a few times a week, I like to give them a more structured approach to art.

The problem I struggle with is with Cuddle Bug’s (6.5) perfectionism.  If a picture doesn’t turn out just so, she starts crying and wants to do the whole lesson again. . .and again. . .and again until it’s perfect.  This perfectionism was making it difficult to get through any art lesson until we discovered chalk pastels.

Cue the choir, because, chalk pastels are the perfect medium for my little perfectionist!  She can easily smudge out a color or line she doesn’t like and just cover over it with chalk pastel.  Since we’ve discovered this medium, she really enjoys art.  No more tears!

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Lately, we’ve been using the new video course, A Simple Start in Chalk Pastels (look for a review coming in the next few weeks).

The girls’ and my mom’s path to the beach chalk pastel drawings.

These video courses are lead by Nana (Lucia Hames), a retired grandmother who has a knack both for creating art with chalk pastels and encouraging and teaching children with her calm demeanor and gentle voice.

Bookworm’s Beach Umbrella chalk pastel drawing.

We love this course, but if you’re not ready to commit to a full-year course and would instead like to try out a smaller course, you might want to try the latest video course, Spring Chalk Pastel Video Art Course.  This course includes 9 videos that cover a variety of spring themes including a bird’s nest, shamrock, rain, and spring tree.

The course is normally $39.99, but for January 30th – 31st, the course is on sale for just $29.99!

Whether you homeschool or your child attends traditional school, these are great courses to help foster creativity in your child.  Even better, they’re frugal!  A box of chalk pastels can be had for around $10, and then you just need paper.

All three of my children, from 12.5 down to 6.5, loved these courses.  When my mom was here visiting, she even did one with the kids and really enjoyed it.

If you want to try out the course before you commit, something I always love to do, you can get one free video lesson on the Spring Chalk Pastel Video Art Course.

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