This post contains affiliate links.  Having had a parent that died of cancer, I was interested in reading Cancer, Faith, and Unexpected Joy by Becky Baudouin about her mother’s battle with cancer.

Cancer, Faith, and Unexpected Joy by Becky Baudouin

About Cancer, Faith, and Unexpected Joy by Becky Baudouin

This is a beautiful, sometimes painful-to-read book that brought me to tears several times.  Becky is a grown woman with a family of her own when her mom is diagnosed with cancer.  She wants her mom to fight, and for awhile, she does, valiantly.  But in the end, her mother accepts her fate and embraces the process of dying.

Yes, that’s right, she embraces the process of dying.  I think for many of us, there is something shocking and breathtaking about living well and beautifully while dying, but Baudouin’s mom does just that.

While this book gives one a good look at the emotional trauma of losing a loved one, it also has a deeper lesson.  The relationships you develop all throughout your life and your outlook on life will also determine what your attitude is toward death.  Baudouin’s mother strove to have loving, close, nurturing relationships with her children and grandchildren, and that was no different when she was dying.  Because of her positive attitude throughout her life, she was also able to turn her death into a positive experience for herself and her loved ones.

My Thoughts on The Book

This book is a fabulous read for anyone who has experienced or is experiencing the death of a loved one.  It would also be a good read for someone who is dying.

This book could also be used for a support group.  At the end, there are discussion ideas for each chapter.  In addition, the author gives guidance for how to run a small group using this book.

I give Cancer, Faith, and Unexpected Joy by Becky Baudouin 5 out of 5 stars on the Mom’s Plans’ scale.

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