I have made no secret of my love/hate relationship with coupons. I lack the discipline to sit down and cut them all, file them, and then weed through them when they are past their expiration date. I have tried just marking the date on the packages of coupons and keeping the inserts whole, but that doesn’t seem to work either.

However, recently I have found something that does work for me—buying coupons on eBay. Each Tuesday when I receive the new store fliers, I see if there are any items I need, such as the cat food I bought last week. Then, I look on eBay for the coupons. Most coupons can be had very cheaply on eBay, averaging 7 to 10 cents per coupon. Some sellers also offer free shipping.

I also go to A Full Cup and check CVS and Walgreens there. They list the ads for CVS and Walgreens (and plenty of other stores) a week or two in advance. In addition, people match up the coupons with the sales, so once again I know what I am looking for on Ebay.

Once on eBay, I just type in the name of the coupon, for instance, “Purina One Cat Food coupon”. When buying the coupons, read the auction carefully. You want to check the expiration date, and make sure the coupon comes from the newspaper; I would not advise buying a coupon the seller printed off the Internet. I tend to not bid on coupon auctions because I don’t want to wait for the end date. Instead, I buy coupons at a fixed price so I can buy it now. I have had good luck with sellers sending me the coupons within a few days, well in advance of the end of the sale. Of course, make sure the seller has high feedback.

I think my relationship with coupons may be improving. Hopefully there are more sales combined with coupons in my future. Works for me!

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