When I was pregnant for Delaney, I ate way too many Egg McMuffins. After I got tired of those, I switched to Burger King’s Ham, Egg and Cheese Croissanwich. If only I had found this recipe back then, I could have saved a ton of money and eaten a better diet.

Breakfast Sandwiches (OAMC)

24 English muffins, toasted and buttered
2 dozen eggs
24 ham, bacon, Canadian bacon slices or sausage patties
24 slices cheddar cheese

–Scramble eggs in a large skillet. If you want a uniform shape, cook in greased canning rings.
–Assemble sandwiches with one egg, one slice of meat, one slice of cheese.
–Wrap each sandwich individually in plastic wrap, then freeze and place in zip-top bags.

I made these during my freezer cooking bout in May. I read in the comments (I found the recipe in recipezaar.com, now food.com) that one person just mixed all of the eggs in a 9 x 13 pan and baked them and used them in the sanwich to save time. I tried that tip, but the little squares were a bit odd, mostly because the floor in our old apartment building slopes so half the squares were much larger than the other half. I think I will try a different method when I make these again.

And, though the original recipe calls for American cheese, I preferred the batch we made with mozzarella cheese and would only make those kind next time. (They were less greasy.) I used sausage but next time would buy flatter rounds of sausage.

These were the first item eaten up entirely from our May freezer cooking day, and my husband has requested them again for my August freezer cooking day. Yum.
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