As the girls get older, they’re spending more time playing with toys that can be used in multiple ways for building and designing.  When we got to review Brain Blox Wooden Building Planks by Brain Blox, the girls found all sorts of ways to use these and have been pulling them out every day! I love educational toys like this.

Brain Blox Building Planks

About Brain Blox Wooden Building Planks

We received the 200 piece set, but you can also buy 100 and 300 piece sets.  The set comes with a red canvas drawstring bag, so after you throw away the box, you still have a container to keep them in.  You can also wear the bag like a backpack and transport the Brain Blox.  The wooden building planks are made of chemical free, non-toxic New Zealand pine wood.

For more information about Brain Blox, check out the short YouTube video:

There are so many ways these planks can be used!  While they can be used just for fun, some families use them as math manipulatives, teaching addition or subtraction with the planks. In fact, one mom not only uses them for math manipulatives, but also as aids to teaching phonics:

Others use them as an enhancement for unit studies.  We even used them to make a model ziggurat when studying ancient history!

Another feature I love about this toy is that they can be used with the whole family.  Because they don’t have any small parts, they’re not a choking hazard for young children, so they can enjoy these planks.  However, even older kids can enjoy building something and being creative with them.  This truly is a toy for all of the children in your family.

How We Used Brain Blox

My kids made many designs with these!  One of my kids used them to create the outline of a giant flower.

They also enjoyed building towers, and then knocking them down, of course!  They knocked them down by running into them and by attaching a string to one of the bottom blocks, pulling, and watching the bricks fall down.

Brain Blox Building Blocks

Once, they created a giant Jenga game and took turns trying to carefully pull out a block without knocking down the whole structure.

Our Thoughts on Brain Blox

Cuddle Bug said she enjoyed following the designs in the brochure that came with the planks because the steps were easy to follow and they were fun to design.  She thought each project was well thought out.  She thought it might be nice to also have some different size planks included in the set.

PB & J Girl enjoyed playing with them so much, she even brought them on our trip from Arizona to Michigan to play with!  She loved that she could use them to build anything that she wanted to make.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for toys that foster creativity, have multiple uses, and are Montessori approved, I highly recommend Brain Blox Wooden Building Planks.

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