Woo.  This was a rough month as far as groceries go.  We ended up spending more than we had planned.  The good news is that our freezers are still relatively full, full enough that I think I can have another freezer cooking session without buying any meat for it.  We still have some freezer meals left from September, too.

The bad news is that in October, we will be getting both a pork and beef share, so paying for those will take a hefty chunk out of our grocery budget.  We’ll likely have a higher than normal grocery bill for October, too.  However, we did have lower than average bills for July and August, so hopefully everything will average out in the end.

Just for information, we’re a family of 5.  Our kids are 12, 7, and 6.  The 12 year old eats as much or more than my husband.  We’re all gluten free.  I and one of my daughters are following a Paleo diet.  My other two kids eat very limited dairy and eggs and gluten free grains.  My husband can eat anything he wants (lucky him!), though he doesn’t complain about avoiding gluten and dairy at home.  As much as possible, we try to buy grass-fed meat and eat organic veggies and fruits.

Here’s what we bought:

Natural Grocer – $16.07


Fry’s – $5.57

(the Swedish fish & gum were free)


International Grocery Store – $5.95


Sprout’s – $45.75


Costco – $31.96


U.S. Wellness Meats – $108.81

U.S. Wellness Meats is where I go for the freshest grass-fed meat while I struggle with my histamine intolerance.  (Fresh food is a must.  The older the food, the higher the histamines.)


1/4 side of beef deposit – $100

Total: $314.11

Total for the month:  $1,184.05!!!!!!

Average for the last 3 months: $857.10

I didn’t write down what we ate when, but here are a few of the meals we ate:

A yummy applesauce and bbq pork chop meal from My FreezEasy:


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