Back in January, I posted my bookin it reading list.  However, for several months this winter Life, as it has a way of doing, got in the way.  Things have settled down, so now I will try to get back on schedule.

I read Working Writer, Happy Writer, by Sue LaPointe in January, and I have since gone back to look at this book as a reference several times.  

 really enjoyed this book.  The author gave her story of working as a freelancer.  She recommends that writers first starting out using a job board such as  However, many of these job boards have a free site and a site that has a membership fee.  She recommended paying the membership fee because many of the “cheap” jobs are found on the free site and writers there are desperate and will accept low, low rates for their work.  In addition, she said when you pay for membership, you will recoup the money within the first assignment or two.

I looked through and thought about signing up there, but I have not done it yet.  I can’t bring myself to pay a monthly fee to apply for writing jobs.  That may be something I look into doing in six months to a year when I have more time.  Right now between naps and time to work in the evening, I don’t feel that I have enough time to make it worth my while to pay for a job site.  However, I did see what she meant about the free version of  Some writers were bidding on jobs that paid as low as $2 per article.  Unbelievable!

LaPointe also recommended applying for several jobs a day, I believe she recommended 5 job bids a day because, especially in the beginning, you won’t get the majority of the jobs you bid on.  In addition, she recommended learning to write one particular style very well, for instance, learn how to write SEO articles first, then polish your skill so you can progressively ask for more money for these types of articles.  Once you get the highest rate, branch out and learn another type of article to write.

If you are looking to make money from home and would like to work as a writer, I highly recommend Working Writer, Happy Writer.

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