My book reading list has temporarily gone by the wayside as I prepare to teach Bookworm.

One of the reasons I choose his curriculum (look for a post in the next week or two about the curriculum I’ve chosen) was because it was heavy on literature.  Now, I’m reading some of the books he’ll be reading so I’ll know what they are about before he begins homeschooling in just a few short weeks.

Black Beauty


Despite being an English major, I’d never read Black Beauty before.  I enjoyed reading this book, though it never hooked me like I thought it would.  I must admit that I never really thought about the abuse horses must have suffered when they were a primary means of transportation.  This book certainly opened my eyes.

Though this is not the type of book Bookworm usually reads, I think he’ll like it because his Uncle Jeff loved horses.  Just for that reason, Bookworm wants to learn more about horses and even learn to ride them.

Island of the Blue Dolphins


This book captured me, and I read it in two evenings after I was laying in bed getting ready to sleep.  This story is about a young girl who lives alone on an island for years and years.  She was on the boat to leave with all the people from her village when she realized her young brother was still on the island–alone.  She jumped off the boat and swam to shore.  What unfolds is not what I expected.

I find this story fascinating.  Even though I’m an introvert, I can’t imagine being by myself for that many years.

I loved reading about her resourcefulness as well as the dangers that she faced.  I was even more shocked when I read the author’s notes at the end of the book that this story was based on a young girl who was left alone on an island from 1835 to 1853–18 years!

I think Bookworm will really enjoy this book, especially because he is a history buff.

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