One of the best things for me personally that came from going on a Paleo diet (and having many food intolerances) was learning how to make my own bone broth.  Now, we regularly make broth two to three times a month and use it in all of our soups and stews.  On the few rare occasions when I’ve had to buy store brought broth, even the healthier version, I’ve been dismayed by the lack of flavor and thickness.  Blech.

Recently, I learned of a new company completely dedicated to helping people make delicious, healthy, healing bone broth at home.  BIY Bone Broth offers bone broth kits that include all of the ingredients needed to make yummy bone broth at home.  These kits are perfect for busy people who don’t have time to source all of the ingredients themselves or for those who don’t live in an area where the ingredients are readily available.

About BIY Bone Broth

BIY Bone Broth was developed by four licensed acupuncturists as a whole food supplement for their patients.

The company currently offers three different types of broth kits:

  • Free-Range Chicken Bone Broth Kit,
  • Grass-Fed Beef Bone Broth Kit, and
  • Pastured Pork Bone Broth Kit.

Each kit sells for $38.95, but if you buy 5, you get free shipping.  In addition, there is a pop up that offers $10 off two bags.

BIY Bone Broth Ingredients

The Grass Fed Beef Kit, which I tried for this review, contains only healthy, natural ingredients:

pre-baked grass fed beef bones, organic medjool dates, organic carrots, organic ginger, organic onions, kosher shallots, organic shiitake, organic bay leaves, and organic cardamon

There are no fillers or artificial ingredients, which I love.

In addition, the kits are completely free of MSG, dairy, soy, gluten, and GMOs.

My Experience with BIY Bone Broth

IMG_7363aThe kit was delivered to my door in a cooler with dry ice, so it was completely frozen when I received it.  Everything was packed in one vacuum sealed bag.  When I dumped the ingredients into my slow cooker (you’ll need at least a 5-quart slow cooker), there were several bones and a cotton bag full of the other ingredients.  I honestly didn’t know if I should keep the other ingredients in the cotton bag and cook it that way or just empty the contents into the slow cooker along with the bones.  I ended up doing the latter.


This kit includes some ingredients that I don’t normally include in my broth such as medjool dates, shiitake, ginger, and cardamon, so I was a little nervous about what it might taste like.  IMG_7369However, the ingredients blended beautifully, and the finished product was a thick, dark, glistening broth.

IMG_7378Many Paleo experts recommend drinking bone broth by itself.  I’ve never wanted to do that, but this broth was so delicious (better than my own!), that I could drink a glass full.

We used one gallon of water to make our first batch, and we were impressed with the results.

After the first batch, we cooked another batch, giving us even more broth that was still rich and thick.

The Giveaway

One lucky winner will receive their own BIY Bone Broth Kit to try.  (R.V. $38.95)

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I received one sample of this product for review purposes only.  I received no compensation; all opinions are my own.