The other afternoon I put 5 large potatoes and 3 chopped carrots plus baby carrots in the slow cooker. On top I put about a 3 lb. roast still on the bone. I mixed up a pack of onion dry soup mix and 1 cup water and poured it over everything.

Even though the meat went into the slow cooker frozen, 5 hours later, our very speedy slow cooker produced our meal; the meat was falling off the bone.

The next night, I simply took the juice from the slow cooker and mixed it with some flour and milk to make a sort of gravy. I put the leftovers in there, and we had a tasty beef stew.

I am noticing as we do this pantry challenge, if I do challenge myself, we find many creative ways to use leftovers. Last week, I stretched pork loin from the slow cooker into four meals!

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