I made the switch from canned beans to dry beans years ago, and now I am finding that it really pays off at the grocery store. 

The Price Comparison
A can of kidney beans is .80, if I can find it on sale.  A bag of dry kidney beans runs $1.10 on sale.  A can of beans contains 1.75 cups; a bag can easily yield 4 cans’ worth of beans when cooked, saving me $2.10.  That may seem like a small amount for the inconvenience of using dry beans, but over time, that adds up, especially with the current high price of groceries.

Batch Cooking to Make Dry Bean Usage More Convenient
Besides, I have found a way to take the inconvenience out of dry beans.  When I come home from the grocery store, I will pour an entire bag of dry beans in boiling water, let it boil for 2 minutes, and then let it sit for 60 minutes.  I can go about the rest of my day with very little hands on work preparing the beans.  Then I drain them and then put them back in water and simmer them for 60 to 90 minutes, until tender.  Again, very little time is required from me.

When the beans are cooled, I package them in 1.75 cup serving sizes in individual freezer baggies.  Then I just put them in the freezer.  The next time I am cooking and a recipe calls for canned beans, I just pull my beans from the freezer and am ready to continue cooking.  A $2.10 savings may not seem like a lot, but when so little effort is required to save the money, I have no problem using dry beans.  Works for me!

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