My little boy is starting 1st grade! I can hardly believe it. His preschool went through kindergarten, so this year he is starting at a new school. With this new school comes many expenses such as tuiton, uniforms (I’ll post about ways I saved money on those in the next few weeks) and his school supplies.

His school is very specific about the brand of some items on his school supply list. Here is the exact list:

1 Large Backpack
1 Crayola brand crayons – 24 count (No larger amounts please!)
6 7 oz glue sticks (Large glue sticks or twice as many small ones)
8 #2 pencils
1 Pink eraser
1 Box markers – Mr. Sketch or Crayola Classic brand (Broad Tip)
1 Box Addition and Subtraction flash cards for use at home
1 Fiskars brand scissors
2 Rolls of paper towels
1 Jumbo box of tissue
1 Container of wetHAND WIPES-Not Lysol or Bleach… used for cleaning hands
1 Gallon size box of Zip Lock bags
1 Plastic pencil box
1 Wallet size photo of student
1 Ream of copy paper – white
1 Package of either 7 oz cups, 5 oz cups or paper napkins

I have made it my challenge to not spend more than $15 (not including tax) on all of these supplies. I have several weeks’ worth of ads coming up before he needs all of the supplies, so I am confident I can do it.

We started shopping today and ended up with the following:
CVS—large box of tissue—$0.06
Walgreens—Fiskars scissors–$0.99
Office Depot—Mr. Sketch Markers–$0.00 (cost 7.99 but will mail in for a 7.99 rebate)
Target—6 glue sticks–$1.20 (I will still need to buy more because I am 18 oz. short of what is required

Our total cost thus far–$2.25
He does already have the plastic pencil box and erasers, so I won’t have to buy those.

I’ll report back next week and let you know how we are doing.

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