I didn’t quite accomplish all that I planned, but I did get a good amount of food into the freezer. We have enough now for roughly 17 breakfasts and 20 dinners, plus the sides. I am quite happy with that!

This time around I used Deanna Buxton’s 30 Meals in One Day system, and I loved it! It made my cooking so much more organized. Read my review and enter to win your own Dinner Is Ready cookbook and software here. Here is what we ended up with:

Main Meals
10 Honey Mustard Turkey Burgers
23 Beefy Cornbread Muffins
24 individual servings of Cola BBQ
3 Meals of Slow Cooked Chili
2 Meals of Stacked Tacos
10 Thanksgiving Burgers

Side Dishes
2 Gallon Size Bags of New England Baked Beans
2 small loaves Corn Bread
2 small loaves of Blueberry Banana Bread

Remember the griddle I asked your opinion about? I ended up going with the Presto electric one per your suggestions, and I love it! It made my freezer cooking so much faster this month.


48 blueberry pancakes (recipe coming in the next few weeks)
24 breakfast sandwiches
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