I used to really enjoy that we couldn’t eat meat on Fridays during lent.  After all, there were so many good things to eat like macaroni and cheese, veggie lasagna, cheese ravioli, etc.  After we became gluten and dairy intolerant, Lent became more of a challenge, but we still enjoyed fish.  That hasn’t changed, but fish isn’t always in our budget, so this Lent is turning out to be a true challenge.  Still, we’ve done fine so far, and it’s only a temporary sacrifice.

Here’s what we plan to eat this week:


Breakfast–Veggie stuffed omelet, diced, baked carrots, apple slices, sweet potato fries
Lunch–Stuffed Green Pepper Soup, Daiya cheese quesadillas

Dinner–Roasted Chicken, sauteed green beans, sweet potato fries


Breakfast–eggs, sausage links, cantaloupe, rice
Lunch–Sloppy Joes over diced potatoes, leftover green beans
Dinner–Dinner out at Red Robin


Breakfast–pork sausage links, scrambled eggs, roasted carrots
Lunch–leftover roasted chicken, raisin bread, carrot sticks

Dinner–Chicken, Tomato, Veggie and Pasta Soup


Breakfast–Pork patties, scrambled eggs, roasted carrots

Lunch–Tuna Patties, peas, leftover chicken, tomato, veggie and pasta soup
Dinner–Stuffed Green Pepper Soup, clementines


Breakfast–bread pudding, apple slices, orange slices
Lunch–ham sandwiches, chips, raisins
Dinner–Chicken Tenders, Spaghetti Squash & Chard Saute


Breakfast–Veggie Omelet muffins, sweet potato fries, diced carrots, strawberries

Lunch–Tuna Noodle Casserole
Dinner–Salmon, roasted broccoli, rice


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