This week was a weird one.  I had my tooth pulled on 2/6 and only ate soft foods for a while after that.  Both girls also got sick on 2/6 and didn’t eat anything that day.  The next day, PB & J Girl was on the mend, and by 2/8, she was back to normal.  Cuddle Bug’s sickness lingered, and she only started eating a very little bit on 2/8; it took until 2/9 in the evening for her to get her appetite back.  So, while I had plans for making meals, that really didn’t happen much.

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Here’s what we ate:

Thursday, February 1st:

Lunch: hot dogs, chips, broccoli & cucumbers
Dinner: goulash (from MyFreezEasy), cucumber slices

Friday, February 2nd:

Lunch & dinner: I don’t remember!

Saturday, February 3rd:

Lunch: hodge podge–we had a BBQ with the girls’ AHG group.  All we had to bring was chips.
Dinner:  Tuscan vegetable soup (added ground beef & carrots & celery to make it more substantial)

Sunday, February 4th:

Lunch: Japanese noodles with chicken & hard boiled eggs

Dinner: Steak, sweet potatoes, peas

Monday, February 5th:

Lunch: Grilled cheese, chips, corn
Dinner: Bean and Bacon Soup

Tuesday, February 6th:

Lunch: whatever (I had my tooth pulled, and the girls were sick, so only two of the five of us were eating.)
Dinner: leftovers

Wednesday, February 7th:

Lunch: Grilled cheese & leftovers
Dinner: Taco Cornbread Bake (from MyFreezEasy)

Thursday, February 8th:

Lunch: chicken nuggets, peas, chips
Dinner: Goulash, broccoli

Friday, February 9th:

Lunch: chicken tacos from Trader Joe’s, salad
Dinner: leftovers

For more meal planning ideas (not that’s what I would call this week!), visit Menu Planning Monday and Celiac Family.

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