Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other wayI don’t possess an artistic bone in my body, but somehow, all three of my kids love art.  I was looking for a curriculum for the girls, so I was delighted to try out an older level of Artistic Pursuits Inc. with them.  We tried ARTistic Pursuits Middle School 6-8 Book One, The Elements of Art and Composition.

ARTistic Pursuits Middle School 6-8 Book One

About Artistic Pursuits Inc.

Artistic Pursuits has a full line of homeschool art curriculum from preschool all the way through high school.  Their books are comprehensive and easy to follow.  I would say perhaps from grades 4th – 5th, but definitely from grades 6th and above, students can read the text and complete their art lessons independently from their parents.

Artistic Pursuits Inc. is also a company that is changing with the times.  They have recently released video art lessons to go along with their K-3rd grade curriculum.  (Video lessons for 4th and 5th grade curriculum is coming soon.)

In addition, Artistic Pursuits Inc. has a blog with free video lessons for beginning drawing students.  There will be 16 lessons this summer, perfect for keeping kids learning and entertained during those hot summer days.

About ARTistic Pursuits Middle School 6-8 Book One

ARTistic Pursuits Middle School 6-8 Book One: The Elements of Art and Composition is a 36-week curriculum that should be used two times a week.  The supply list is small, which many parents will be glad to see:

ARTistic Pursuits Middle School 6-8 Book One

Each lesson in the book follows a pattern:

First Lesson
Build a Visual Vocabulary

Second Lesson
Art Appreciation and Art History

Third Lesson

Fourth Lesson

I loved that art appreciation and art history are woven into this course.  These sections caught my daughter’s attention the most.

Our Experience with Artistic Pursuits Inc.

In addition to using ARTistic Pursuits Middle School 6-8 Book One, we’ve used a variety of other Artistic Pursuits Inc.’s products..

When the girls were younger, we used the preschool program, The Way They See It.

We also used ARTistic Pursuits for Bookworm.  His favorite book was Sculpture Technique Construct.  He absolutely loved the hands on and sensory aspect of this particular curriculum.

For this particular book, PB & J Girl, 11.5 years old, loved it.  One of her favorite assignments from the book was to read a story, The Blind Men and the Elephant, and then draw an illustration of it.  She easily spent 30 to 40 minutes on this drawing, and she had fun.  When she was done, she asked if there were any other drawing assignments like this one.

ARTistic Pursuits Middle School 6-8 Book One

Another lesson we worked on focused on drawing shadows.  She chose a drum.  We set it against a wall and shined light directly on it:

ARTistic Pursuits Middle School 6-8 Book One

Then, she set to work drawing it.  I think she did pretty good!

ARTistic Pursuits Middle School 6-8 Book One

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Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for an art curriculum that not only teaches your children how to be better artists but also teaches them art history and art appreciation, I highly recommend ARTistic Pursuits Middle School 6-8 Book One.

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