ARTistic Pursuits Inc. Review

I’m so happy that my kids take an interest in the arts.  Making sure the arts are a regular part of our homeschool is important to me.  Bookworm has had a lot of experience using ARTistic Pursuits Inc., both for reviews for the Crew and as the book that our co-op uses.  He was eager to try a more advanced book, which we got to do with Sculpture Technique Construct.

Sculpture Techniques Construct

ARTistic Pursuits Inc. Review

This book, because it is more advanced, is suitable for kids ages 11 to 18.  Materials that students use include papier-mache, cardboard and wire.  In addition, they have the opportunity to make paper.

Since this book can be used as a full year, high school art class, ARTistic Pursuits Inc. also includes a suggestion for the course title, credit and description for transcript purposes, which most parents will appreciate.  In addition, there is a form in the back to guide students to self-assess their work.  There is also a classroom schedule; the 12 projects in the book are expected to take a full 36 weeks, and students are expected to work on art once a week for 1 to 2 hours.

How We Used Sculpture Techniques Construct

Because this is a more advanced class, the supply list was a bit more unusual than a typical art class.  As a result, I had trouble sourcing the materials at Michael’s, though I know others on the Crew did not have the same trouble, so maybe my experience is unique.

In addition, I found that the supplies could be expensive.  Luckily, ARTistic Pursuits broke the course into four units:

Unit 1: Creating Form in Papermaking

Unit 2: Creating Planes in Cardboard

Unit 3: Creating Motion with Papier-mache

Unit 4:  Creating Volume with Wire

IMG_7740Each unit required unique supplies and had several activities for each unit.  Because I could most easily source the ridged cardboard and it was also the most reasonably priced, we choose to do several of the activities from Unit 2.

IMG_7738Each activity took Bookworm a few hours and also required him to use an Exact-o knife to cut the cardboard, which made me a bit nervous, but he did fine.

What We Liked about Sculpture Techniques Construct

IMG_7743As you’d hope for in an art program, this art book is very visual.  There are color pictures of modern sculptures that serve as examples, and there are also black and white illustrations to demonstrate the techniques used in the book.

IMG_7742I also appreciated that their icons for each project that tell students when they’ll need to pause in their work to let materials dry, for instance.

Bookworm appreciated that the explanation about what the material is and how to use it for each project was very thoroughly explained.

He also liked that while there was text explaining the various materials, the emphasis in the book was on the creation and the actual activities.

What We Disliked about Sculpture Techniques Construct

As mentioned, the materials can be pricey, but I am assuming most upper level art classes are a bit more expensive.

Although the age range is 11 to 18 for this book, Bookworm found it challenging.  I will probably put this aside for him to use in two or three years when he has had more art experience.  I think it will be an excellent book to use as a high school elective credit.

Bookworm would have liked to have read more about famous sculptures and artists who used unusual, non-traditional materials.

He also suggested that a wire binding on the side with stand up better to constant use than the current plastic binding.

I was one of 95 reviewers to review a variety of different ARTistic Pursuits for a variety of age ranges.

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