This post contains affiliate links.  Have you heard of Schoolhouse Teachers?  It’s a site where you can get 400+ self-paced, online courses for every member of your homeschool, from preschool to high school.  We heard of Schoolhouse Teachers several years ago and have used the site for a variety of courses including French for Bookworm.  (Read our complete review of Schoolhouse Teachers.)
However, recently Schoolhouse Teachers has added new material that we just love!

ArtAchieve: A New Curriculum on

In our homeschool, we’ve used several different art curriculums, but one of our favorites has been ArtAchieve.  I love ArtAchieve for so many reasons!
  • There are art projects available for the whole family, kindergarten through adult!
  • John Hofland, the instructor in the series, is himself a homeschool father, and he truly seeks to educate children not just about art techniques, but also about the world at large.
  • The lessons also cover geography and culture, as Hofland shares information about the areas the art projects are based on.
We had the opportunity to review ArtAchieve Level 1 a few years ago, and we all loved it!
ArtAchieve Dragonfly
If you buy ArtAchieve independently, it has five levels, and is available in a variety of price ranges from one lesson for $6 to one level available for one year for $42 to $66, depending on the level.  Or, you can buy all 5 levels for one year for $240 and get a complete art curriculum for your entire homeschool.
However, for a limited time, ArtAchieve is offered on for an even more reasonable rate!  (UPDATE:  From now until April 7, 2020, you can join  for $24.97 to get three months of  using the code FINISHWELL), which works out to just $8.32 per month.  For that price, you’ll find curriculum for ALL of your children, including great curriculum like ArtAchieve.  That means you can get three months access of ArtAchieve, all the lessons available, for just $24.97. This is a significant savings over buying ArtAchieve on the ArtAchieve website.

Material for Parents on

Besides great material for kids, there is also plenty of material for parents.  Of special interest to me was a 21 lesson course for parents homeschooling students with special needs; there are several lessons for students with dyslexia.  I have gone through that first lesson and plan to read the next few lessons this week.

A Complete Curriculum

I’ve mostly talked about the pre-k through Elementary curriculum.  However, there is also a large middle school/high school curriculum that includes such topics as Logic, Trigonometry, Physics, Scientific Method and Computer Science, just to name a few.

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