I cancelled my newspaper subscription a few weeks ago because I am trying to trim our expenses in preparation for the big income cut starting in January and because the only reason I got the paper was for the coupons, which I was not using because, at this point in life, I am not organized enough to spend the time to clip them. 

The newspaper called me today to try to woo me back.  Their biggest carrot to dangle in front of me–there will be extra coupon inserts in the paper on Thanksgiving.  So, let me get this straight, subscribe to the paper and pay at least $15 to get extra coupons?  Yes, maybe I would save $15 from the use of the coupons in that particular edition, but why not just buy a paper on that day for $2 instead of paying for a subscription for 3 months?

A few years ago, my son, my mom and I all went to Pennyslvania with my husband for a conference he was attending.  When we stopped at a toll plaza, my mom ordered a strawberry shake.  She really only wanted the small size, but because it was $1.79, she would only get back a few cents in change.  The large one was $2.09, which meant she would get back nearly a dollar in change.  Why is this important?  Because for years, she has saved her change as a means of saving.  Because she was trying to gather as much change as possible, she spent an extra .30 cents.

I find many people are guilty of overspending to try to save money.  I revealed my own weakness for this when I stocked up on Knorr pasta sides because they were cheap.  I was “saving” money.  But because none of them really tasted good to us, I wasted both my money and the product because we threw them away.

I have been trying to challenge myself to break this kind of thinking.  Are you guilty of spending too much to try to save money?

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