My friend, I’ll call her Josie, always told me how much her mom hated her job working at home as a medical transcriptionist.  She worked 60 hours a week, and the work required a great deal of concentration.  She had dreams of travelling to Europe, but she never took the trip.  She died at 64 of breast cancer, her dreams of travelling never realized. 

I had always thought that money was tight for Josie’s mom, a divorced mom of two, but just recently I found out both Josie and her brother were each given an inheritance of more than $200,000 when their mother died.  It turned out that Josie’s mom was very frugal and she worked so many hours because she was always afraid she would not have enough money.

It is tragic that she died so young, and even more tragic that she could never travel as she had dreamt of.  Many people get into the habit of putting their life on hold until they retire.  They think they will pursue their dreams then, or they think they will finally have enough money then.  Yet, morbid as it is, what if you don’t get to retire or don’t get to spend much time in retirement before you pass away?  Josie would have much preferred that her mother get to travel to Europe than leave each child with an inheritance.

Many people are frugal and learn to love to save and plan for the future.  Yet at some time, you should be willing to spend some of your money to enjoy your life.  Yes, work hard, save diligently, but also be willing to spend some to do the things in life you have always wanted to do.  By no means am I advocating being irresponsible with your money, but give yourself permission to relax once in a while to pursue your dreams.  You’ll be glad.

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