Last year, Bookworm took an art class at one of our co-ops that he really enjoyed.  This year, we dropped out of one co-op, and the other co-op didn’t offer art this year, so he was without a formal art program.  We’ve adjusted and had him try a few different online art programs.  But sometimes, he doesn’t want to follow along with instructions.  Sometimes, he just wants to pull out the art supplies and be creative.  Aquarelle Monet is perfect for this!

What Is Aquarelle Monet?

aquarelle-monetAquarelle Monet is a fun art kit that includes three canvas pictures to paint, two droppers, liquid paints, a palette, and instructions on how to mix colors.

All of the pictures to paint are inspired by the Impressionist Claude Monet.  Bookworm and I both love his beautiful paintings, so Bookworm was happy to begin painting.

img_8434Each paint canvas has a wax barrier throughout the picture that outlines the items to be painted.  When the child paints a color within the lines, the wax barrier prevents the color from bleeding.  We loved this aspect of the canvas because it made painting these pictures easier and allowed Bookworm to use a variety of colors.

How We Used Aquarelle Monet

Bookworm had fun experimenting with colors and used the color mixing chart frequently.  img_8437(The chart shows a block of color, and underneath it says how many drops of each color need to be used to create this specific color.  There are 50 different colors you can create!)

img_8451He completed one entire picture during the review period.  He didn’t do the painting in one sitting, but over several 30 to 60 minute sessions.  He also completed 75% of another picture.

The last picture of the bridge and water lilies he decided to wait awhile to complete because it looked to complex to him.

What We Liked about Aquarelle Monet

Bookworm really enjoyed this set.  He said, “It gave me an opportunity to be Monet, even if it was with artificial methods.”

img_8264He loved the creativity of blending the colors, and he liked the wax lines because they helped him control where the paint went.  He also said the product was high quality and especially enjoyed the nice, heavy watercolor paper.

I liked that this product helped him be creative and kept him busy for several hours.  He was quite proud of his finished picture.

What We Disliked about Aquarelle Monet

Timberdoodle is already aware that the drop that comes with the kit may not last, so they’ve also included a sturdier dropper, which we appreciated.

The only other thing that we disliked about this kit is that there wasn’t enough paint.  Bookworm completed 1.75 of the 3 pictures available, and he ran out of the yellow dropper of paint.  He will still be able to finish these pictures using his watercolors, but he would have preferred using the paints that come with the set.

img_8450He also mentioned that users should be careful not to rub too hard or it wears the paper.  (He rubbed too hard on this picture and added too much water.)

He would have also preferred that there were bigger pictures for examples of what the painting should look like. (The only examples overlap on the cover or are very small on the side of the box.)

While this is part of Timberdoodle’s 4th grade curriculum, I actually wouldn’t recommend this kit for children that young unless they are very gifted.  I would recommend it for kids in 7th grade and up.

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