I apologize for the quality of my pictures; apparently mid to late afternoon on a sunny day is not conducive to great pictures. Also, not all items are pictured. (I was too lazy to dig them all out of the freezer.)

I did my freezer cooking over a course of about 8 days. Sometimes I just made extra of a recipe I was already making for dinner that night, and other times (when my husband was watching the kids), I cranked out several meals. I did not realize how much I had accomplished because the cooking spanned so much time. However, I now see that I got quite a bit done. I am happy with the results!

Chicken Pot Pie (x4)
Meatballs for spaghetti (x3)
10 freezer burritos
Turkey Croquettes (x3) (we ate these without the sauce the night I made them and liked them that way, so I don’t know if I will ever cook them with the sauce)
Sloppy Joes (x2)
Breaded Chicken (x2)
Chicken Burritos (x2)
8 peanut butter bars
Oven Potato Wedges (x3)

Just from this cooking week, I now have 18 meals ready to go after the baby is born. I also cooked several meals last month (10 of them) that I kept just for this purpose, so we should be set for about the first month.

Ahhh. Now I can put up my feet and relax a bit until the baby is born!

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