I wrote on Wednesday that my husband and I have a big,  hairy audacious goal of paying down $55,146.61 in debt in 16 months.  Our target is to be completely debt free by April, 2013.

To achieve this goal, I have to make another equally big, hairy audacious goal–make $30,000 through my online ventures this year.

When I started working as a virtual assistant and freelance writer in February, 2010, I had two clients and made about $100 a month.  I could never have dreamed that some months in the late fall I would make more money than my husband did, or that now, from that slow start in February, I have contributed over $10,000 to our family budget this year.

Now, it is time to dig deeper and make the extra effort.  So the timing was perfect when I heard about the Online Money Bloggers Challenge.  Each participant of the challenge will attempt to make $30,000 through online ventures in 2012.  I eagerly joined because I think this type of challenge will help keep me motivated and engaged through what is bound to be both a difficult, challenging and exciting year for me personally.

Even if you don’t have dreams of making $30,000 in a year through online income, stop by and visit the site to read how others are making additional money online and to get ideas for yourself.  In addition, each month the challengers will report back with how much they made online.  2012 promises to be a very interesting year.

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