This post contains affiliate links. We were introduced to Andrea (Andi) Carter several years ago, and since then, we’ve been reading all of the books that Susan K. Marlow has written.  Now there are two more novels in the Circle C Stpping Stones series that follow nine-year old Andi.  The girls and I read Andi Lassos Trouble and Andi to the Rescue by Susan K. Marlow aloud together, and we loved them!

Andi Lassos Trouble

In Andi Lassos Trouble, Andi’s family sets up a rodeo for all the cowboys on nearby ranches.  Andi is excited to show off her lassoing skills and secretly practices with her friend, Sadie, and Sadie’s brothers.  However, Andi does her practice in secret, and when her big brother, Chad finds out, Andi’s dreams of participating in the rodeo are dashed. . .or are they?

Andi to the Rescue

Andi to the Rescue is one of the most exciting Andi Carter books we’ve read. The first chapter starts off dramatically when Andi’s teacher, Miss Hall, falls while coming down the steps and hurts her head and sprains her ankle.  School is closed for a few days until Andi’s mother decides to be the substitute teacher.  Andi fears the worst until she finds out having her mother as a teacher is really not a bad thing.

However, Andi can’t enjoy this new revelation long.  When she and her mother leave the schoolhouse on the first day her mother teaches, they’re kidnapped by an outlaw and taken several hours away.  The outlaw was actually trying to kidnap Miss Hall, but Andi’s mother does not let him know that she is not Miss Hall.  In the end, Andi is the only one who can find help and rescue herself and her mother.

More About Andi Lassos Trouble and Andi to the Rescue by Susan K. Marlow

These books are fun to read on their own, but you can also make them more educational by taking advantage of the author’s supplements.  At the opening of each book are terms children may not know that they’ll find in the book.  Also, in these two books, there were additional details at the end of the book.  Andi Lassos Trouble included information about rodeos, and Andi to the Rescue included information about a real-life gentleman outlaw like the one in the story who kidnapped Andi and her mother.

In addition, you can download free activity pages at

We love these books!  They’re short (around 100 pages), which makes them perfect for younger readers.  Plus, they are a fun way to teach history, especially California history since these books take place in California in the late 1870s and 1880s.  My daughters love that Andi is a strong character and knows her mind, and I love that there are repercussions for Andi’s sometimes mischievous actions.  She is spirited, but she’s in a loving family full of members who want to teach her right from wrong.

We give Andi Lassos Trouble and Andi to the Rescue by Susan K. Marlow 5 out of 5 stars on the Mom’s Plans’ scale.

Note: I received this book from Kregel Publications in exchange for my honest opinion.  No other compensation was given

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