This post contains affiliate links.  I’m trying to avoid leaving the house as much as possible these days.  One way I do that is to use grocery pick up at our local Fry’s store or to have food delivered.  Earlier this year we used Farmbox Direct, but that doesn’t work during the summer here in AZ when temps regularly go over 100 degrees.  I also found a local farmer who delivers, but his supply is limited.  A friend mentioned using Amazon Prime Whole Foods delivery, and I decided to give it a try.  I was pleasantly surprised.

Amazon Prime Whole Foods Delivery Review

Amazon Prime Whole Foods Delivery Review

I never even considered using this service, so I’m glad my friend mentioned it.  I’ve used it twice, and I’ve been pleased both times.


There are several pros to using this service

Not As Expensive as the Whole Foods I Remember

Honestly, I haven’t gone to Whole Foods in years because it was too expensive.  However, I found the prices on Whole Foods on Amazon just slightly above what I would pay in the store.  And, with the way prices are going up everywhere, I didn’t find their prices too out of line.

Quick Service

The service is amazingly quick.  The first day I placed an order, it was at my door just a few hours later.  The second time I used the service, I ordered at 6:30 a.m., and the food was at my door by 9:30 a.m.

Prompt Notifications

If you give them your cell phone number, you will get a text when your shopper starts shopping.  You will also get a text if items aren’t available.  The shopper will let you know if there is a substitute.  If there is, you can decide whether or not you want to accept the substitute.

The first order I placed, they didn’t have organic russet potatoes, so they offered to sub them with organic yellow potatoes, which I accepted.  The second order, everything was in stock, so nothing was subbed.  I really appreciate this because every time I place a Fry’s order, there are several items that aren’t available.

No Delivery Fee

If you’re an Amazon Prime member, there is no delivery fee for this service.  My nearest Whole Foods is 25 minutes away from my house, so I really appreciate that they don’t charge me a delivery fee.

You Can Add a Tip

When you go to check out, the system automatically suggests a tip amount, though you can change it if you’d like.  Both times, my orders were around $100 total, and the system suggested a $7 tip, which I happily paid.

Fresh, Fresh Produce

The produce I received was very fresh and in perfect condition.  When I ordered grapes from Fry’s pick up  service, I received mushy, moldy grapes.  Yuck!  When I bought them from Whole Foods, they were firm and in perfect condition.  That’s been the case in all of the items that we have bought.

Amazon Prime Whole Foods Delivery

Easy Returns

There is one exception to the fresh produce.  We bought individually wrapped English cucumbers, and one was slimy when we opened it.  I simply went to Amazon, opened the order, and said I wanted to return that item and stated why.  I submitted and got a message that the refund will post to my card within 7 days.  The return process was so easy!

Shoppers Practice Safe Protocols

Both times I received my order, the driver had a mask on.  In addition, the driver leaves the order outside your door for contactless delivery.


There are so many benefits to the Amazon Prime Whole Foods delivery, but there is one negative.

A Lot of Wrapping

Amazon Prime Whole Foods Delivery Review

There is a lot of wrapping used.  When they can, the shoppers use brown paper sacks.  However, frozen or refrigerated items come in special silver bags that can’t be recycled.  Also, if you order frozen items, they come in a thick pocket that keeps them cool.

While I appreciate that my frozen items are still frozen when they’re delivered, it does take a lot of packaging to make this happen.

Final Thoughts

I hope this Amazon Prime Whole Foods delivery review helped you.  If you’re looking to limit going to the store weekly, this service just might be for you.  I’ve been pleasantly surprised and plan to continue using this service until I can resume my Farmbox Direct service in the late fall when temperatures cool.


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