Since we homeschool, I don’t have to worry about packing lunches for my kids, except on the days that we go to co-op.  On those days, I have to create a healthy, filling lunch for my kids, which can be a challenge considering our multiple food intolerances.

However, I have found a lunch that is nutritious and fills my kids up.  The lunch usually consists of a lunch meat, veggies, and a carb.

img_8355For instance, last week, I used Plainville turkey lunch meat with organic leaf lettuce and guacamole rolled inside.  For the veggie, I packed baby tomatoes and baby carrots.  The carb was homemade chocolate-banana gluten free muffins.

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On other days, I pack Nick’s Sticks turkey or beef snack sticks, or diced ham.

Other veggies to include may be cucumber slices, salads, or pepper slices.

For carbs, the kids also like grapes, popcorn, rice crackers, or raisins or craisins.

I’m glad I don’t have to pack my kids a lunch every day, but for the one time a week that I do, using this formula, packing lunches is a much easier task.

What do you typically pack for your kids, especially if you have to work around food intolerances or allergies?

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