The Balearic Islands are a haven for people all around the world looking for the enviable combination of clear blue water and warm beaches. However, too often the scene is dominated by partygoers whose idea of a holiday is drinking an inordinate amount of liquor and partying till the sun comes up. Suffice to say this isn’t the optimal scene for parents with young children.

That’s where Alcúdia comes in. Situated in northern Majorca, families looking for a getaway should consider Alcúdia holidays.

Here’s why:


The Really Olden Days!

A good family vacation is fun and educational. An Alcúdia holiday accomplishes the latter through its storied history. The town has been inhabited since the Bronze Age, but did not get on the map until the Romans captured the island in 123 B.C.

Today a visit through the old town is filled with sights straight out of a history book. Roman houses and amphitheaters abound, highlighted with a panoramic view from the top of the wall surrounding the city. You’re able to see the bay of Pollensa and Alcúdia on a walk along these walls, with the kids experiencing all kinds of history along the way.

The Fun Stuff




Warm Beaches

While you could spend the whole time exploring the old town and all the history within, what makes this such a great family destination are all the options available.

For starters, the water is calm as can be, making the five mile stretch of beaches safe for kids of all ages to play in. Meanwhile, you can relax and finally finish that book you swore you would get to.

Water Activities

The abundance of water lends to a plethora of water-based activities. You can go on a family snorkeling adventure or spend your time bouncing around on a banana boat ride.

For the older ones in the family, it’s the perfect place to water ski, the tranquil water enabling an easy introduction into this high-octane activity. Plus, there’s a waterpark in the city as well, allowing for more family fun in the water.

Land Activities

Since the town was built up as a family tourist destination, there are plenty of activities for those looking to do more than splash around. The town is extremely bike friendly, with trails and paths all around. It’s a great way to see the landscape while getting in some exercise with the young ones. A great example of this is the nature preservation, S’Albufera, just a stone’s through away from the city. A bike ride through this park is filled with all kinds of wildlife, with many protected and endangered species throughout.

There are many other great activities for families in this combination of a Mediterranean paradise and a laid-back family atmosphere. Just make sure to bring the camera, it’s a vacation your family won’t want to forget.

Images by Steve 2.0 and Fagerjord, used under Creative Commons license. 

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