Cruises are catching on with families. Travel plans, accommodation, dining and entertainment are all taken care of, leaving the passengers to explore a variety of destinations. It means that parents can enjoy a hassle-free holiday while their kids have fun on a genuine adventure. Getting it right is all about choosing a child-friendly ship with a family-friendly itinerary, which is why the Mediterranean has become so popular.

Here’s how Med cruises can be fun for the whole family:


2856800995_2750b09e69_zEmbracing the Family

There are different types of cruise ships, from classic options that carry as little as a hundred passengers to mega ships that carry thousands.

A lot of the mega ships are like floating resorts, with swimming pools, children’s clubs, cinemas and a whole range of other activities on board. These ships are often the best for families as there are activities and entertainment options to suit all ages.

The smaller ships generally provide more of a ‘classic’ cruise experience with formal dinners and string quartets — this might not suit kids so well.

A good way to decide whether a ship is child-friendly is to ask how many children they typically have on board, and what activities kids can enjoy.

The Cruise Life

One of the best ways to ensure that the whole family enjoys a cruise is to go for a ship where you can happily spend time together, but where there’s enough opportunity to spend time apart. Many of the larger ships provide kids’ clubs for children of all ages from toddlers to teens. Some also offer evening kid-sitting services so that parents can enjoy some quality time together.

Check out the activities offered in the kids clubs, the sitting services, and staff qualifications. You may also want to check whether parents are free to enjoy solo excursions. Some liners specify that one parent must always be aboard.


2536509339_ebcdd3d67d_zWhere you might go

On a Mediterranean Cruise you’ll typically explore the French and Italian Riviera as well as several locations in Spain. This generally includes a stop on the coast of Provence where you can explore traditional French markets and rural life as well as beaches.

From port towns on the Italian Riviera you’ll typically be offered trips to Rome, Florence, and Pisa.

Sailing around the south of Italy and to the east coast you can visit Venice and potentially see something of Croatia. If you’d prefer a more beach-based cruise a liner that travels around the Greek Islands may be better suited to your family.

By choosing a ship and itinerary that’s right for you a Mediterranean cruise is both a break and an adventure for the whole family. On top of this, you won’t need to worry about booking travel, accommodation or excursions, making the whole travel experience much simpler— and much more fun!

Images by sidewalk flying and tedmurphy, used under Creative Commons license.

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