PB & J Girl loves using online programs.  That is one of her favorite ways to learn, so when I had the chance to review ABeCeDarian Interactive A Workbook, I knew just which of my children would be the reviewer.  In addition, we also used the Teacher Manual – A, also by ABeCeDarian Company.

About ABeCeDarian Interactive A Workbook

This workbook is entirely online.  It can run from any device with a web browser and e-reader version of the Storybooks (which are sold separately).  This program can either be used as a supplement for ABeCeDarian Student Workbooks A1 and A2, or it can be used alone since it contains all the same material that is found in Workbooks A1 and A2.

ABeCeDarian Interactive Reviews

The Interactive A Workbook contains 48 lessons and is targeted for kids in kindergarten through the middle of 1st grade.

The first third of the lessons contain activities such as unscrambling simple c-v-c words, saying the words outloud, and practicing writing letters and words.  The lessons are fairly quick; each one took PB & J Girl 5 to 10 minutes.

Later lessons become more challenging and were at PB & J Girl’s level.


Our Experience Using ABeCeDarian Interactive A Workbook

I used this program with PB & J Girl (7.5) who is learning to read.  Her reading is strong enough that she is beyond the c-v-c words, which this program uses in the early lessons.  I think the early parts of this program would be more appropriate for Cuddle Bug (6) who is learning word blending and c-v-c words.  I’ll likely switch Cuddle Bug over to the program for practice in the next few weeks.

ABeCeDarian1We used this program on our laptop with a touch screen.  My daughter just touched the screen to form the letters.  It would probably be easier to form letters if she had had a stylus or an iPad so she could have the screen flat on the table when she practiced writing.

While PB & J Girl was working, I sat with her.  She did not need the coaching that the teacher’s manual recommends with me sounding out the letter sounds so she could unscramble the words; she could do that all on her own.  However, Cuddle Bug will likely need that help.

The teacher’s manual is large–160+ pages, and as can be expected, it’s very comprehensive.

What We Liked about ABeCeDarian Interactive A Workbook

Overall, this program is very intuitive, and PB & J Girl enjoyed the simplicity of it.  The background is basic, without flashy designs or animation, and there is no sound.  This makes it easy for the reader to just focus on the challenge at hand.

Overall, this is a good program for a beginning reader, and the latter half of the workbook is good for stronger readers.

What We Disliked about the Program

The program itself is solid, though there are some technical issues I would like to see address.  For instance, when we opened the workbook, it would take a very long time to load–1 to 2 minutes!

ABeCeDarian3In addition, every time you open the program, you see the same screen listing the lessons.  There is no differentiation between lessons that you’ve done or not done.  It might be helpful for some parents if the links to the lessons that you’re child has completed were in a different color.

Finally, sometimes we would push the corner of the screen to advance the page, but it wouldn’t move, so we’d have to refresh and wait for the long load.

However, the content is solid, and these are just minor technical tweaks I’d like to see made.

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ABeCeDarian Interactive Reviews
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ABeCeDarian Interactive Reviews

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