PicMonkeyShortsCollageFor the first time, my son’s school has approved a summer uniform of shorts.  Most parents and students welcomed the change because last spring was so hot, and the old school gets VERY hot inside.

Of course, I didn’t want to spend the $24.50 per pair for new uniform shorts, especially when Bookworm has outgrown the length of his pants and ripped holes in some knees.

The pants do still fit him in the waist, though, so I decided to simply cut them and sew them to make “new” shorts for him.

I took some of his high water pants and simply cut them an inch or so below the knee.  Then, I measured them so they were even, pinned them up, and stitched a simple hem around the edge.  The whole project took me 20 minutes and saved me $24.50.

He has two more pairs of pants he’s outgrowing that I plan to turn into shorts, but I think I’ll make the other two pairs a bit longer at the knee so he’ll still be able to wear them when he goes back to school in August even if he does get taller over the summer.

I love repurposing clothes into something new that saves money!

I’ve also been looking on Pinterest for ways to turn some of my old t-shirts into dresses for the girls.  If that sewing project goes well, I share it with you in a few weeks.

Meanwhile, you can see my toddler girl t-shirt dress inspiration over at my Pinterest page.

What’s your favorite way to repurpose old items?

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