My kids love doing crafts (what kid doesn’t?), so we sat down to make some bean mosaics using beans from the pantry, which made this project free for us.  Yeah for free!

I drew a picture of a Jack ‘O Lantern for my son and ghosts for my two girls.  Then, they went to work.

My son, who is 8, could easily do the project himself, gluing the paper and putting on small red lentils.  He had no trouble and enjoyed concentrating and creating a cute picture.  He took about 2 hours creating his mosaic, and we both really liked the finished project!


My nearly 4 year old needed some help with the glue, but she did great putting the beans on herself, and she focused throughout the entire project.  She was also pleased with her picture.



My 2.5 year old, well, this craft was a little bit too much for her.  She added a few beans, but then she just wanted to color the picture.

This craft probably works best for 3 to 10 year olds.

Bean Mosaic Halloween Craft


  • A variety of dry beans in different colors
  • Glue (a glue stick works best, but you could also use liquid glue)
  • A piece of paper with the jack ‘o lantern or ghost drawn on it.  (If you are artistic, and I am not, you could also draw a black cat or a witch, or even a witch’s hat.)


Lay the beans out on a plate because the kids’ hands will get a little sticky with the glue.

Put glue on a small part of the paper and stick the beans to the glue.

When the project is done, let it dry one to two hours.

Notes:  Construction paper may work better.  We used printer paper, and the beans weighed it down quite a bit.

Older kids may need tweezers to get their beans into tight spaces if they are working with very small beans.

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