I have been a subscriber to Daily Worth for over a year now.  Daily Worth is “a community of women who talk money.  We deliver practical tips, empowering ideas, and the occasional kick in the pants. . .daily to your inbox.”

I signed up for free, and every day, I get an e-mail from them, an e-mail that inevitably provides topics I can think about and discuss with others on the site.  In fact, it was a post on Daily Worth that inspired me to write the post, A Date with Finances.

Daily Worth has three primary sections–Daily Worth, Create Worth, and More Worth.  They also have an active forum.

Daily Worth

The Daily Worth section is comprised of the categories earn, save, and spend and has posts about more ways to make money, but that is only part of what they offer.  This section is targeting “women who talk money.”  I wish I would have read the post, Stop Wasting Your Time on Things That Will Never Make You Money, long before I opened my eBay business that turned out to be nothing but a time and money drain.

Another popular feature in Daily Worth is Money Fix.  In Money Fix, an expert is paired up with a reader who explains her financial problems.  The expert helps provide guidance to improve the reader’s situation, and then the reader blogs about her progress.  I appreciate the honesty of this section; some women do a fabulous job revamping their finances and others, well, not so much.

There are also inspirational guest posts, such as Jenny who sold all of her extra “stuff” and made $15k to pay off her student loans!

Create Worth

Create Worth includes the categories build, sell and inspire.  This section is a “community of entrepreneurs who talk revenue, profit and scale,” and has topics for the small business owner, as well as ways to grow your wealth.  One of my favorite sections here includes profiles where they interview successful small business owners.  These are inspiring and also a good way to find new potential business ideas.

More Worth

The last section, More Worth, is designed for “women living life on all cylinders,” and includes the categories get, grow and live.  This section is more of a lifestyle section and includes topics such as retiring and donating.  There is also a sizeable section on investing.

If you are on a mission to learn more about finances or you just want to read other women’s stories, Daily Worth is well worth signing up for.  It is free, and I enjoy reading the topics daily.

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