Beach--4510910087_941b91c05d_mWhew, life’s been so busy I haven’t had time to blog!!!

Last weekend, Bookworm and the girls and I spent 4 hours at the garage sale Bookworm’s 4-H group was hosting as a fundraiser.  All the hard work paid off–they earned over $450, and I got to declutter my house a bit.

Also, last weekend my husband went out of town for the first time on a business trip on his own.  (We usually tag along but couldn’t this time.)

The weekend is usually when I do most of my freelance and blog work, so with him gone, I got very little work done.

Saturday Cuddle Bug was feeling a bit under the weather.  By Sunday, she was miserable with a cold.  On Monday, she was on the mend.  Then, Tuesday, PB & J Girl got a runny nose, which lead to vomiting for the past 36 hours.  We still don’t know what’s going on with her, but the doctor did give her anti-nausea medication, which will hopefully help her turn the corner.

In between all of the sickness, we attended co-op, PE, and last night Bookworm attended a Civics class he’s going to.

It’s been busy.

Here’s to hoping for a quieter rest of the week and kids that soon feel better.

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