The last few months, I’ve felt out of sorts, out of control and overwhelmed.  I know part of it was our too busy schedule last semester.  I thought when all of our obligations were over in mid-May, I’d feel refreshed, but instead I just felt overwhelmed.  I felt like a tornado had gone through my life and rather than feeling renewed, I felt overwhelmed.

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I asked a few friends for some home and family management books, and one that came highly recommended was A Mother’s Rule of Life by Holly Pierlot.

I read this book in a week, but reading the book is only part of the help.  You then must take the time to implement the changes that she suggests.

About A Mother’s Rule of Life

Holly Pierlot was once an overwhelmed, homeschooling mom of five who lived on a very tight budget.  Through much trial and error, she came up with a schedule that revolutionized her days, weeks, and months as well of those of her family members.  She based her new schedule on the concept of a Rule of Life, which is “a traditional Christian tool for ordering one’s vocation.”

(I should point out here that Pierlot is a devout Catholic and religion is heavily infused through the book.  Even if you’re not Catholic but Christian instead, you should find important information throughout.  If you’re non-religious, you may find the religious aspects of the book overpowering.)

Pierlot had been bored with her life as stay-at-home mom and wife.  She felt that there were more important things to do with her life outside the home, but that all changed after she created a Mother’s Rule of Life.

She based her Rule of Life on the five Ps of Married Life as told to her by a priest:

First P = Prayer

Second P = Person

Third P = Partner

Fourth P = Parent

Fifth P = Provider

Chapter by chapter, Pierlot tackles each of these topics and at the end of each chapter asks readers to write down their own answers to the things they need in their lives based on that particular P.  For instance, for Person she asks readers to consider their own basic grooming tasks as well as their children’s, hobbies they may participate in, socialization, exercise, and journal keeping.

I diligently wrote down what I need and what my kids and husband need for each of the five Ps.

After Pierlot finishes the five Ps, she explains how to put this all together in a schedule.  Honestly, the scheduling was a bit overwhelming, so I’m still working on that.

My Opinion of A Mother’s Rule of Life

I really enjoyed this book.  Pierlot shared plenty of her own life experiences and trials, which made the book interesting.  Her focus on prayers also reached me where I am right now as I try to develop a regular prayer schedule.

I have not implemented her schedule yet, but I plan to within the next week.  (I had to wait for Bookworm to finish The National History Bee so we could return to a more typical schedule.)  I only hope that our lives will run as smoothly as Pierlot’s does, but I also have to keep in mind, as she said, that implementing the schedule and getting it to work is a constant process that may take one year or more!

I give this book 5 out of 5 stars on the Mom’s Plans’ scale.

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