Since the baby was born, our lives have felt a bit chaotic.  I thought that when I was staying home on my leave of absence I would have time to clean the house regularly, cook meals, help my son with homework; in general I thought managing the household would be much easier when I am home all day.

What I actually discovered is that with two little ones under two, I don’t have much time to devote to household chores.  Life just seems more chaotic, especially with our recent visits from Murphy.

That’s why I was so excited to hear about this new eBook, Tell Your Time by Amy Lynn Andrews.  I heard about this at Relevant, and as soon as I got home I downloaded it and read through it.  Amy’s philosophy is that you must evaluate your priorities and determine what is most important in your life before you work on scheduling your activities.  By doing some of her exercises, I realized that one of my most important priorities, my family, does not always get the time I would like.

Amy’s Ebook is only 27 pages long, so it is a quick read.  However, there is a wealth of information there about determining where you would like to go in life, the steps to get there, and how to use your time wisely, efficiently, to achieve your goals.

I have mapped out my new schedule based on her Ebook and am excited to see if I feel less stressed with this new plan.  I’ll report back in a little bit and let you know how it is going.


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