Okay, I will just state up front that this idea is NOT for everyone. 

Today my son and I were shopping, and I was looking through the clearance section at Target where all of the Christmas items were discounted.  We bought the typical wrapping paper, Christmas cards for next year, etc.  There were also many edible items in Christmas packaging drastically marked down that were not set to expire through March or some times even up until June.

As our budget is about to get slashed dramatically and Valentine’s Day is just 6 weeks away, I decided to take advantage of the discount and buy my husband some of the edibles. (I can’t tell  you what because he reads my blog.)  These would have cost me $15 to $20 dollars, but I got them for $5.  We have set our Valentine’s gift budget at $5 a piece, so after I came home and hid the items, I suggested to him that he might want to go shop the Christmas clearance sales for a gift for me for Valentine’s Day.

Like I said, this idea won’t work for everyone, but for us, on our soon to be very limited budget, it works perfectly.

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