I subscribe to Daily Worth e-mails.  Daily Worth is a “community of women who talk money.”  One of them, Suzanne de Baca, recently wrote a post about making time for herself and her finances.  She is declaring June 9th as a day she spends just focusing on her finances.  She calls it her “Money Day Off”, and she is planning to finally apply for long-term care insurance.

Now that my husband is gone from the house 10 hours a day, and I am watching the little ones, I can’t declare a specific day to focus on finances.  But I think a money week would be good.  There are three big things I would like to tackle:

1.)  Plan a will and trust.  A few years ago I purchased a Suze Orman will and trust kit.  It gathered dust for about a year before I began working on it.  I was nine months pregnant when I started working on it, and honestly, trying to answer when I would like my life to be terminated and who would make the final decisions for me if I was deemed incompetent was just too much.  I remember bursting into tears (hormones, you know), and spending an unsettled evening watching tv after that.

Now that we have three little ones, we need to finish that will and trust kit.  Then I am taking it to a family member’s friend who is a lawyer to look it over to make sure everything is legally okay.

2.)  Purge my financial files.  I have not done this since 2007.

3.)  File my financial documents.  This is embarrasing for me to admit, but I don’t think I have filed any paperwork since 2008 when my second child was born.  Between babies and my eBay business and blogging and cleaning, well, it just hasn’t happened.  I have a stack of paperwork about 2.5 feet high.  Seriously!  I have organized it into like piles, but I have never filed it, and it is starting to drive me crazy.

We all have financial tasks that we avoid or put off or don’t have time to take care of.  What financial obligations would you take care of if you designated a special day to have a date with your finances? 

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