I subscribe to Daily Worth e-mails.  Daily Worth is a “community of women who talk money.”  Last year, one of them, Suzanne de Baca, wrote a post about making time for herself and her finances.  She declared June 9th as a day she will spend just focusing on her finances.  She called it her “Money Day Off”, and she was planning to finally apply for long-term care insurance.

Last year, I declared a money week to deal with some financial issues I had been putting off.  I thought it would be fun to see how I did with last year’s goals and set a few more.

These are the three big things I said I would tackle last year:

1.)  Plan a will and trust.  EPIC FAIL!  A few years ago I purchased a Suze Orman will and trust kit; I tried working on it two years ago when I was 9 months pregnant, but I stopped when I had to designate who would make my decisions if I was incapacitated.  Even though this was number one on my list last year, I still haven’t done it.  I know, with three kids, this is VERY irresponsible.  I am setting a deadline for myself to complete this by the end of August, 2012.  Then I am taking it to a family member’s friend who is a lawyer to look it over to make sure everything is legally okay.

2.)  Purge my financial files.  Partially completed.  I did purge some things when we moved, but I think I am still hanging on to more paperwork than I need to.  I will research what I can throw away and then do so before July, 2012.

3.)  File my financial documents.  Partially completed.  Again, much of this was taken care of when we moved, but I still have to file about 5 months’ worth of records.  I also plan to finish this before July, 2012.

I also want to add one more to my list this year:

4.)  Finish working through Financial Peace Junior with my son.  We got the kit through a Mamasource deal, and my son has really enjoyed listening to the CDs and talking about the lessons, but we have only done it once every two or three weeks.  When he finishes school in early June, I plan to work with him more diligently.  This goal will be accomplished by July, 2012.

We all have financial tasks that we avoid or put off or don’t have time to take care of.  What financial obligations would you take care of if you designated a special day to have a date with your finances? 

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