A Cross to Kill Review

Christine Lewis sits on a chair, a knife at her neck, a camera recording her every move.  The terrorists who have held the kidnapped journalist for months are now about to execute her live on camera, and there’s nothing she can do.  They hand her a statement to read, but after a few sentences, she goes rogue and begins to talk to her mother and father, looking directly at the camera.  Just when the terrorists are about to slit her throat, chaos erupts as one “terrorist” uses a gun to give one of the terrorists an electric jolt that renders him unconscious.  So begins the exciting opening of A Cross to Kill by Andrew Huff.

About A Cross to Kill by Andrew Huff

Make no mistakes, this book continues at a fast pace throughout.  The “terrorist” with the stun gun was actually John Cross, a trained CIA operative who had previously completed several missions to take out operatives from other countries, i.e. assassinate them.

However, last year, while conducting one mission, he followed a man into a church and experienced the presence of God.  As his religious beliefs deepened, Cross could no longer justify killing.  He retired from the CIA, but he is still called in to help rescue people like Christine Lewis, who are held captive by terrorists.

Meanwhile, Cross finds a new day job as a minister of a small church in Virginia.  His parishioners know nothing about his previous life.

Cross can’t seem to get Christine Lewis out of his mind, so he considers finding her, which is against all protocol.  While he dismisses the thought, Christine, who hasn’t had a chance to properly thank him, seeks him out.

When she reappears in his world, his careful ruse is exposed.  Terrorists once again appear.  Cross worries they’re after Christine, but they are actually after him.

The rest of the book is non-stop action as Cross seeks to defeat the terrorists and stop a deadly plot.  This book reads like a suspenseful action movie.  Just like an action movie, I had to suspend my sense of reality because honestly, there is no way that Cross could have made it out alive.  I was able to accept that, though, because I enjoyed the action.

Final Thoughts

This book is different from other Christian literature I’ve read, which will likely draw a new audience.  If you enjoy this book, there is already a second book in the series.

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars on the Mom’s Plans’ scale.

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