This post contains affiliate links.  PB & J Girl is now an 8th grader!  However, she wants to take some classes at the community college when she’s in high school, so she is doing some 8th grade coursework and some 9th grade work.  She’s got a busy schedule, but she’s handling it great.  Here’s our 8th grade homeschool curriculum for 2022-2023.

8th Grade Homeschool Curriculum 2022-2023

Our 8th Grade Homeschool Curriculum 2022-2023



8th Grade Homeschool Curriculum 2022-2023
Although she’s loved Sonlight over the years, this year she decided to take a break from that curriculum.  Instead, I created her literature curriculum.  This is 9th grade coursework and has her reading some classics such as Animal Farm, The Pearl, and Fahrenheit 451.  She will also read some short stories and a few plays.


This year I’m also teaching her writing and grammar.  I’m using the St. Martin’s Guide to Writing, which is a college text.  However, we’re slowing it down for her.  By the end of the year, she will have written three to four essays.  She’s currently working on her remembering an event essay.



Our 8th Grade Homeschool Curriculum 2022-2023

Every year, PB & J loves reading more and more, so we switched to Guest Hollow’s United States History Year 1.  This is also a 9th grade class.

There are two things we both love about Guest Hollow besides the reading.

First, a variety of political views are given.  The textbook tends to lean conservative, but the suggested YouTube videos are liberal.  In addition, I’ve added two other textbooks:  Lies My Teacher Told Me and An Indigenous People’s History of the United States for Young People.

The second thing I love about Guest Hollow is that it accommodates a variety of learning styles.  There are textbook readings, novels, videos, crafts, and cooking recipes.  You can pick and choose assignments to best serve your child and her learning style.



PB & J Girl loves art the most in our family. This year, she’s working on the I Create Art Japanese Anime box.


Her middle school science has been heavy on biology, so this year she’s using Apologia’s General Science.  This will give her a broad overview of all of the sciences before moving into high school science.  What I love about this program is that she can do it on her own with very little help from me.  (You can read our full review of this curriculum here.)


We’ve tried various Japanese programs without much luck.  This year, we’re using Talkbox.Mom’s Japanese program.  So far, it’s going well.  I like this program because it focuses on speaking and listening, which is what we’ll need when we visit my husband’s family in Japan.  We are also working on the alphabets and kanji.  (I say we because we’re learning together.  Let me know if you’d like a full post about how we’re studying Japanese for high school this year.)  If you’re interested in purchasing a Talkbox.Mom box, use the code REFMGDWNJSKFJ to save $15.


8th Grade Homeschool Curriculum 2022-2023

PB & J Girl is using Math-U-See’s Pre-Algebra this year.  She’s doing this mostly independently; I help her sometimes when she gets stuck.  I really appreciate the visual aspect of Math-U-See and anticipate she will use their curriculum through high school.

Extra Curricular Activities

This year, PB & J Girl has many extracurricular activities.

First, we belong to a homeschool co-op that has fun, virtual classes.  Every week, we also meet up with this group for a field trip.

Second, she’s working on getting the Congressional Award.  Currently, she’s working toward her Bronze Certificate.

She needs to volunteer a lot to earn the various levels of the Congressional Award.  Right now, she volunteers at our local library and at an animal shelter.  She’s averaging three to four volunteer hours a week.

In addition, she’s taking ballet class and has rejoined American Heritage Girls.  (We stopped participating during the pandemic.)  She keeps busy!

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