This post contains affiliate links.  PB & J Girl is now a 7th grader!  We started our school year at the end of July this year, but we had a few bumps and starts with our curriculum.  Now, we’re fully settled into what we’re using for 7th grade, so I can finally share here!  For the first time, PB & J Girl and Cuddle Bug aren’t doing any school work together!  Although they’re only 17 months apart, I felt they were each ready to do their own curriculum and be more independent learners.  Here’s our 7th grade homeschool curriculum for 2021-2022.

Our 7th Grade Homeschool Curriculum 2021-2022

Our 7th Grade Homeschool Curriculum


Last year she finished the Barton Spelling and Reading Program for dyslexia, so this year, her reading is Sonlight’s Level F readers.  However, I’ve reduced the reading load by about 25% to accommodate her dyslexia.


Out 7th Grade Homeschool Curriclum

We discovered Essentials in Writing (EIW) this year, and I’m using it for both girls.  PB & J Girl is in EIW Level 6.  The program starts out with a lengthy unit on grammar and then goes into essay writing.  I like this program because the instructor has a one to three minute video to watch for each lesson.  He concisely and clearly explains the concept, and the girls can easily do the work on their own.



7th Grade Homeschool Curriculum 2021 2022

When PB & J Girl was a toddler, she ripped up books or ate them.  She, out of all of our three kids, liked being read to the least.  So it shocks and happily surprises me that she loves Sonlight the most.  For history this year, we’re using Sonlight’s Level F: Eastern Hemisphere.  The books in this level are exceptional, but they also deal with difficult issues.  Having been through this level before, we’ll read almost all of the books except The Land I Lost, which I find way too graphic.


PB & J Girl loves art the most in our family.  This year, she’s doing a combination of taking art classes through Outschool and taking an art class, Drawing with Realism on

(If you’d like to try Outschool, use my referral link to get a $20 credit.)


7th Grade Homeschool Curriculum

We’re also trying a new science curriculum this year.  PB & J Girl is using Noeo Science: Chemistry 3 for 7th and 8th graders.  This set also comes with a Thames and Kosmos Chemistry Set that she can’t wait to dive into.  Next week she finally reaches the experiments in the curriculum!


She is working on memorizing the things she does not know on this list of What Every Confirmed Catholic Should Know.  In addition, she’s taking some of her lessons through


Our 7th Grade Homeschool Curriculum 2021-2022

She was using Saxon Math, but this year we decided to switch to Math-U-See.  I’m not sure how long I will be able to teach her high school math, but I need to use a program that is quite clear, and for me, that’s Math-U-See.  She is currently in Zeta, and we’re hoping to get her into pre-algebra before her 7th grade year ends, but we’ll see how she does.


Extra Curricular Activities

This year, PB & J Girl is enjoying horseback riding lessons and circus classes.

She’s been taking Zoom-based piano lessons for 16 months.  She is also taking several classes on Outschool such as a Harry Potter book club, musical theater and ballet.

Lastly, she is taking a guitar class through the online school that Bookworm attends.  She keeps busy!

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