This post contains affiliate links.  Cuddle Bug is a 6th grader this year!  We started our school year at the end of July this year, but we had a few bumps and starts with our curriculum.  Now, we’re fully settled into what we’re using for 6th grade, so I can finally share here!  For the first time, PB & J Girl and Cuddle Bug aren’t doing any school work together!  Although they’re only 17 months apart, I felt they were each ready to do their own curriculum and be more independent learners.  Here’s our 6th grade homeschool curriculum for 2021-2022.

Our 6th Grade Homeschool Curriculum 2021-2022

6th Grade Homeschool Curriculum


Last year she finished the Barton Spelling and Reading Program for dyslexia.  However, she still doesn’t enjoy reading as much as PB & J Girl.  She loves to read graphic novels, but I haven’t assigned her any specific reading for school.  I’m hoping by letting her go at her own pace without pressure she’ll grow to love reading more.


We discovered Essentials in Writing (EIW) this year, and I’m using it for both girls.  Cuddle Bug is in EIW Level 4.  The program starts out with a lengthy unit on grammar and then goes into essay writing.  I like this program because the instructor has a one to three minute video to watch for each lesson.  He concisely and clearly explains the concept, and the girls can easily do the work on their own.


Since Cuddle Bug always tagged along with PB & J Girl’s Sonlight level, she’s always been at the very youngest age range.  This became a problem last year because she is also sensitive, and some of the reading was a bit too much for her.  This year, we decided to take a break from Sonlight and use something completely different–Tapestry of Grace.  We’re using the fourth year, which is a deep dive into modern study, which Cuddle Bug specifically asked to study.

We’re also using the literature that Tapestry of Grace recommends, but some of it, like The Red Pony, didn’t go over well with her.  We also started Lord of the Flies, but we abandoned that one when it became too much for her.  (Personally I think Lord of the Flies is better suited for high school students instead of a 6th grader.)


Cuddle Bug regularly creates paintings, clay sculptures and other arts, so we’re not following a formal art program.



6th Grade Homeschool Curriculum

We’re also trying a new science curriculum this year.  Cuddle Bug is using Noeo Science Physics 2 for grades 4-6.  Typically, Cuddle Bug hates science curriculums, but she is really enjoying this one and retaining the information.  I’m glad there are several more years of Noeo Science available if we choose to continue with this next year.


She is working on memorizing the things she does not know on this list of What Every Confirmed Catholic Should Know.  In addition, we’ve been reading YWAM’s Christian Heroes series.


6th Grade Homeschool Curriculum

This year we switched to Math-U-See.  She completed Gamma over the summer, which was mostly review for her, and now she’s going through Delta.

Online School Classes

Cuddle Bug is experimenting with taking some classes at the online school her brother attends full-time.  She took two this semester:

Coding for Middle School

This class turned out to be a huge hit with her.  She plans to take the second semester of it in the spring, and she’s looking at taking other STEM classes there next year.  It’s even spurred her interest in being a web designer.

Leadership Class

She also took a leadership class.  While the material is good, she doesn’t like how personal she has to get with her answers.  She’ll be glad when this class ends this semester.

Extra Curricular Activities

This year, Cuddle Bug is enjoying horseback riding lessons and circus classes.

She’s been taking Zoom-based piano lessons for 16 months.  She is also taking several Zoom-based theater classes.

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